Line Component

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Line Component

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You use the Line component to define pipelines. A Line component may be comprised of any combination of the following Line sub-components:

Pipe Section


Flex Joint


Tapered Stress Joint




Typically, pipelines consist of pipe sections and cables. The Line sub-components are assembled together in a pipeline stack up, and the stack up may be manipulated at any time. For example, the order of components within the pipeline may be changed; the lengths of pipe sections may be adjusted and so on. Points at which different lines and cables may be connected to the Line component are provided using Connection components. The Line component also provides a useful summary of sub-component properties, such as submerged weight and cross-sectional area, which facilitates input data verification. The Line component is referenced by the Model component, where it may be combined with, for example, other lines, vessels, and a seabed profile to build a complete pipeline installation model.


The Line component view contains three tabs as follows:

Stack Up

Pipe In Pipe

Pipe On Pipe

Additional articles provide information on the Line Data Inputs and Line Best Practice.