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Welcome to the User Documentation for PipeLay. PipeLay is an integrated state-of-the-art tool for pipeline installation analysis. It combines the analytical capabilities of the Wood Group finite element analysis software Flexcom, with a highly intuitive user interface designed specifically for the analysis of pipeline installation scenarios.

Key Features

Powerful static and dynamic analytical capabilities, allowing accurate and realistic modelling

Advanced graphical model builder allows complex models to be built quickly

Dedicated functions for parameterising the various aspects of an installation model across a series of analysis load cases

Automated mesh generation, analysis batches and results post-processing

Automated optimization of lay configurations to achieve user-specified installation criteria, including pipeline tension, stress/strain, departure angle, tip separation and much more

Finite element engine based on the industry-leading time domain offshore analysis software Flexcom, backed by over 30 years of experience

Linear and non-linear material properties

Rigid and elastic seabed contact models with anisotropic Coulomb friction, trench modelling and flat, sloping or arbitrary seabed profiles

A range of options for modelling rollerbox support contact with additional optimization of support elevations to achieve specified strain limits

Realistic Pipe-In-Pipe and Pipe-On-Pipe models

Fixed and floating stinger capabilities with a variety of definition options

Optimum buoyancy calculation for floating stinger sections so as to achieve desired section angles

Coating stiffness modelling with capturing of field joint concentrations and coating slippage

Includes a detailed in-line structure model for PLETs, PLEMs, ITAs, etc.

Tapered stress joint component to model conical or tapered joints along a pipeline

Active line length adjustment to model installation scenarios in a continuous fashion

Supports a variety of tensioner definitions

Fatigue analysis module for determining weld installation damage and stress range histograms

Allows numerous outputs including 3D animations, plots, tabulated parameters and summary results

Integrates DNV and API local buckling checks

Excel™ Add-In to directly access analysis databases and to calculate user specific results

Cloud-based licensing