Tapered Stress Joint

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Tapered Stress Joint

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A Tapered Stress Joint (TSJ) component is used to define a conically shaped joint that can be referenced by a Line component. The figure below shows a newly created TSJ component. There are two separate input dialogs for defining the properties and dimensions of the TSJ.


This component is not available in PipeLay Starter Edition



The Joint Properties dialog allows for the specification of material, weight and hydrodynamic properties for the TSJ. Specifically, you input a Material component, the wet & dry weights and the hydrodynamic coefficients for the TSJ. Note that selected materials must be either linear or non-linear in the stress/strain format.

The Dimensions dialog allows for the specification of the various TSJ dimensions, such as lengths and internal & external diameters. Note that a TSJ can be divided into separate sections each with their own set of dimensions. In terms of diameters, every section can have a different external diameter at the start and end of its length. This allows for the creation of arbitrary shaped TSJs.