PipeLay Starter Edition

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PipeLay Starter Edition

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PipeLay Starter Edition provides a cost effective solution to users who are presently interested in relatively simple installation analysis that does not require some of the more advanced features that the normal Full Edition offers. If you are using a Starter Edition of PipeLay then you can expect the following features to be disabled:

Advanced Pipe-in-Pipe and Pipe-on-Pipe Modelling

Detailed Structure Model

Timetrace Vessel Motions

User-specified Overbend Radii of Curvature

Automatic Support Elevation Optimisation

Pipe Coating Stiffening Effects

Structure Component

Tapered Stress Joint Component

Sheave Component

Hydrodynamic Properties for Buoys

Fatigue Analysis

Code Checking

Advanced Support Contact Modelling Options

Comprehensive Criteria Analysis

Pipe Payout Capability

Active Line Length

User Controlled Tabular Report File

Multiple Wave Components in Dynamic Analyses

Stinger Automatic Buoyancy Optimisation

Wherever these features are discussed in the documentation set there will be a comment to alert you to the fact that they are not available in PipeLay Starter Edition. Note that if you are using a Starter Edition of PipeLay it will be stated on the program’s splash screen, About Box and results files headers.