Software Components & Operation

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Software Components & Operation

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The PipeLay software components and their operation are described in the following sections:

'Project Component' describes the most fundamental component in PipeLay which is  present in all projects.

Defining a Line’ describes the various components which may be used to model a continuous portion of pipeline.

Defining a Vessel’ describes the components which are used to characterise a vessel and its associated motions, including the components which may be used to create a stinger.

Model Setup’ describes how various components (for example, lines, vessels and seabeds) are collated together to build a complete pipeline installation model.

Environment, Motion & Loading’ describes the components which are used to apply external loading, environmental or otherwise, to a model.

Analysis & Postprocessing’ describes the various aspects of the Analysis component, the highest ranking component in PipeLay, including analysis properties, installation stages, parameters and criteria. This section also covers the various types of postprocessing on offer with analyses, for example fatigue calculation, summary reporting, code checking, custom plots and automatic outputs.