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Project Component

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The Project component is unique or fundamental in that it is created automatically by default, rather than being created by the user as all other components are. It is a top-level component which is present in all PipeLay projects.

The Project component is used to store general project information, such as the project title, location, and so on. The Project component is also used to specify certain project-specific settings relating to the system of units to be used, global constants, finite element mesh settings and quality control procedures. Unlike other components, only one Project component may be included in any particular project.

You access the Project component view by clicking on PipeLay Project in the Project Sidebar as shown in the figure below:

Project Component

Project Component

As you can see, the component comprises of two sections:

The upper section of the Project component contains two data input dialogs, General and Constants, and a Units drop-down list where you can choose between metric and imperial units.

The lower section is entitled ‘Quality Control’ and is made up of a set of tick boxes that dictate the quality control procedures adopted by PipeLay for the project.