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Excel Add-In

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The Excel Add-In for PipeLay is a small Microsoft Excel function library that enables users to interrogate the PipeLay Analysis results database files directly. Template spreadsheets are provided with the Excel Add-In that allow for replication of the results plots created by PipeLay's dedicated post-processing. In addition to this, the user can vary the Excel results without the need to re-define and re-run the PipeLay post-processing.

The functions in the Excel Add-In can be split into 4 main categories:

1.General functions - these include being able to interrogate specific properties about elements like the ID and OD

2.Results data functions - these enable the user to interrogate the Force and Kinematic results at any given point in time for any element/node

3.Calculation functions - 15 distinct calculations are provided as used in post-processing such as Stress/Strain calculations

4.Statistics functions - these provide basic statistical analysis for an element across a time range

Descriptions of the respective functions are provided in the Excel Add-In compiled help manual or alternatively in the online WebHelp documentation.

Please note that all calculations performed within the Add-In functions, and all corresponding results, use double precision numbers.