Model Component

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Model Component

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The Model component is a powerful and intuitive tool for constructing 3D models of pipe laying scenarios.


The following articles describe the operation of the Model component, showing you how to use it to incrementally build models with ease.

Layout & Viewing Model’ describes the layout of the main window, how to add sub-components and how to navigate the component to view your model.

Specifying a Seabed, Water Depth & Adding a Vessel’ describes how to specify water depth and add a Seabed and Vessel component to the model.

Defining Connection Points’ describes how to create new connection points in a model, which allow you to connect up various components such as pipelines and vessels to your model.

Adding a Line’ describes how to add a Line component to a model, and describes the relevant inputs.

Adding Additional Components’ describes how the remaining components, specifically Pipe Section, Cable, Buoy and Sheave components, are handled by the Model component.

'Specifying Advanced Options' describes the Model component advanced options.

'Exporting Support Data' describes how to export support data from the Model component.


Two additional articles describe the Model Data Inputs and Model Best Practice.