Analysis Component

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Analysis Component

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You use the Analysis component to specify the various inputs for a PipeLay analysis. The Analysis component allows you to gather together a set of components of various types, such as pipelines, vessels, and waves, from all of those defined in the PipeLay project file, and to perform various types of analyses using these components. The Analysis component is the highest level component in PipeLay. The figure below shows how the Analysis component references all other components, either directly or indirectly. The Analysis component is also used to monitor the progress of an analysis as it runs, and to view the results of an analysis once it is complete.

Component Hierarchy

Component Hierarchy





The figure above shows the Analysis component view tabs which are described in the following articles:

Properties Tab

Installation Stages Tab

Parameters Tab

Criteria Tab

Fatigue Tab

Summary Postprocessing Tab

Code Checking Tab

Tabular Report Tab

Progress Tab

Results Tab


In order to illustrate the use of the Analysis component, two sample analysis specifications are also provided for in separate articles:

Normal Lay