Installation Stages Tab

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Installation Stages Tab

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The Installation Stages tab allows you to add new stages to the analysis and to specify solution variables for each stage that you want to include in the Analysis component.



The Installation Stages tab is divided into three sections as follows:

The upper section, as shown in the figure above, contains text boxes, drop-down lists, and buttons to enable you to define the data for each stage such as:

Stage Number & Stage Type


Time Variables

Environmental Variables

Transfer Criteria Adjustments


Reset Stage

The middle section, as shown in the figure above, lists the stages that are currently defined and contains Add, Remove, Remove All and Update buttons to enable you to modify the Stage List. Import and Export enables the user to modify the stages using scripts or within an application such as Microsoft Excel and then import them. For more information, see the section on Exporting and Importing Installation Stages.

The lower section, as shown in the figure above, contains a preview area that you can use to preview the model as it develops at each stage. To view the model during a particular stage, click on the stage in the list of stages. The preview area is updated to display the state of the model during the selected stage. The preview can be disabled by selecting the Disable Preview check box. This section also contains three buttons to the top right of the preview area that you can use to choose between a plan view, an elevation view or an end view of your model. To the left of these buttons is the Support Data button; this allows you to export a summary of the support fine tune offsets as calculated/applied by the user interface in the selected stage. This is explained in greater detail in 'Model - Exporting Support Data'.

An additional article provides information on the Installation Stages Tab Best Practice.