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The Ancillary component is a general purpose component, and may be used to model a variety of appurtenances, such as pullheads, flanges, collars, and so on. The Ancillary component is referenced by the Line component. Two specification options are provided, offering different levels of modelling complexity. You choose the specification you want via the Ancillary Type drop-down list on the Ancillary component. For the simple case, the Ancillary component is characterised solely by wet and dry weights, which might be sufficient to model a pullhead for example. A more complex approach might be adopted in the modelling of a flange or collar, where structural and hydrodynamic properties are taken into account.



If Ancillary Type is Simplified (the default), only Weight in Air and a Weight in Water are enabled and the Ancillary component is modelled as a point mass and a point buoy. When the Complex option is selected, the component is modelled as a beam element, characterised by the physical dimensions, stiffnesses and hydrodynamic coefficients you input.

Additional articles provide information on the Ancillary Data Inputs and Ancillary Best Practice.