Viewing the Results

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Viewing the Results

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The different methods of extracting & examining results of the abandonment analysis are described in the following sub=articles:

Results Directory’ describes the directory structure and the locations of the various output files produced by PipeLay.

Accessing Results Files’ describes how the output files produced by PipeLay may be accessed.

Animation File’ describes the dynamic display file created by PipeLay for each analysis stage.

Tabular Output File’ describes the results synopsis provided by PipeLay for each analysis stage. Two formats of this file are output, one in plain text format and the other in MS Excel Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.

Analysis Report File’ describes the main reporting document generated by PipeLay for each analysis stage. The format of this file is rich text.

Summary Report File’ describes the summary output file created by PipeLay to summarise output over the range of analysis stages.

Detailed Output File’ describes the detailed output file generated by PipeLay for each analysis stage.

Plot Files’ describes the plot files provided by PipeLay.

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