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Worked Example

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This article presents a step-by-step introduction to PipeLay, in the form of a worked example. A sample problem is described in detail, in this case the abandonment scenario outlined in 'Example 03 - Abandonment'.

Building the Model’ describes the model creation in a logical manner, beginning with the fundamental Material component, and then progressing to the Pipe Section, Cable and Line components and so forth. The discussion culminates with the development of the Model component, which links together all the lower level components.

Running the Installation Stages’ describes how to simulate the abandonment process using the Analysis component. It shows you how to model incremental cable pay-out and vessel offsets in a series of successive installation stages.

Viewing the Results’ introduces the various output files produced for an abandonment analysis, and shows you how to access these files.

Examination of Results’ describes the relevant outputs from the abandonment analysis, and discusses the significance of the results.