Building the Model

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Building the Model

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Theses articles describes how to build the abandonment model using the PipeLay GUI. Model creation is described in a logical manner, beginning with the fundamental Material component, and then progressing to the Pipe Section, Cable and Line components and so forth. The discussion culminates with the development of the Model component, which links together all the lower level components. It is divided into the following articles:

Specifying Project Information’ describes how you specify general project information using the Project component.

Adding Pipeline Sub-Components’ shows you how to create the required Pipe Section, Cable and Ancillary components.

Assembling the Pipeline Stack-Up’ describes how the pipeline sub-components are combined to in the pipeline stack-up.

Defining the Stinger’ describes how to create Support components and how to position supports on the stinger.

Defining the Vessel’ describes how to define the vessel and specify a vessel offset. It also describes how to associate a stinger with the vessel, and how to position supports on the vessel deck.

‘Creating the Model’ describes how the various components are assembled together using the Model component. It also outlines a method for validating the model setup so as to minimise the possibility of convergence problems in a related analysis.

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