Vessel Offset Best Practice

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Vessel Offset Best Practice

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1.In the latest version of PipeLay it is possible to specify all static vessel movements directly on the Parameters tab of the Analysis component without the need for a Vessel Offset component. This can represent a quicker approach to setting up multi-stage analyses where each stage needs its own set of vessel movements (no need for individual Vessel Offset components).

2.As per the Model component best practice, if you wish to assess large static vessel yaw rotations then it is best to apply them as vessel movements/offsets in a restart analysis where they can be incrementally built up. Applying them to a non-restart stage causes the whole movement/offset to be applied to the model and given that the model component does not realistically capture out of plane bending or torsional behaviour analysis convergence may prove difficult to achieve if the rotation values are relatively high. Refer to the Analysis component article from more info on restart analyses.