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The project sidebar for this example is shown in the figure below. The project sidebar shows all of the components that are used in the example. Each of these components is described in detail in the following sections.


Project Sidebar for Example 8

Project Sidebar for Example 8


Project Component

When a new PipeLay project is created it contains just a Project component. This component is used to store general project information such as the project title, location, and so on. The Project component is also used to specify certain project-specific settings such as the system of units to be used, global constants, finite element mesh settings and quality control procedures. For this example, the following information is stored in the general Project Settings dialog.

Table: General Project Settings



Project Title

Example 8 - As-Laid Span

Job Number



Wood Group



For this example, the default Metric unit system and the default Constants dialog values are used. Also, the ‘Quality Control’ section is left as per default.

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Material Component

The Material component is used to define the physical properties associated with a particular material. There is only one material used in this project, steel with the properties given in the table below. The Material component is located in the Material folder and is named ‘Steel’ in this example.

Table: Material Properties for ‘Steel’



Young's Modulus

207 GPa

Shear Modulus

79.9 GPa

Mass Density

7798.3 kg/m3

Coefficient of Expansion

0.001 1/c

Yield Strength

550 MPa

Allowable Stress

70 %

Allowable Strain

0.002 %


Pipe Section Component

The Pipe Section component is used to specify the properties of an individual section of pipeline that has uniform properties. This example contains one Pipe Section component as follows:

The Pipe Section component is created in the Line folder and is named ‘24" Pipe’.

The specification is Standard.

The material used is ‘Steel’, as defined previously.

The geometrical and hydrodynamic properties are listed in the table below.

Table: Properties for ‘24’’ Pipe’



Outer Diameter

609.6 mm


30 mm

Normal Drag


Normal Inertia


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Line Component

The Line component added to the Line folder, named ‘Pipeline’, contains 490m of the Pipe Section component ‘24’’ Pipe’.


Seabed Component

A single Seabed component is created in the Model folder, named ‘Arbitrary Rigid Seabed’. The default properties of an arbitrary rigid seabed, with a zero coefficient of friction in the longitudinal and transverse directions, are left unchanged. The arbitrary seabed file, ‘Seabed.asf’, is loaded through the ASF Name dialog.

Arbitrary Seabed Profile

Arbitrary Seabed Profile


Internal Fluid Component

The Internal Fluid component has properties corresponding to those of seawater and is used to flood the pipeline. The component is named ‘Internal Fluid’, created in the Load folder. The Properties are specified with a Mass Density of 1025 kg/m3 and an Internal Pressure of 0 MPa.

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