Loading Components

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Loading Components

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Two loading components are described in the following articles, namely:

'Load' - which facilitates the application of arbitrary external loading to a model. A point load (or moment) is defined by its magnitude and direction. By default, the direction of the applied load is defined with reference to the global axes, but you may also define it with respect to user-defined axes, in which case the Load component references the Axis System component. To include the effects of a point load or moment, you add the relevant Load component to the analysis via the Analysis component.

'Axis System' - which allows you to define arbitrary axis systems. An axis system is characterised by local x-axis and y-axis vectors which must be orthogonal. The local z-axis is computed automatically using the right hand rule. This component facilitates the definition of boundary conditions in axes which are not coincident with the global axis system, which can be useful in some (limited) circumstances. The Axis System component also facilitates the application of point loads in arbitrary directions. The component is referenced by the Model component (boundary conditions) and the Load component (point loads).