Automated Postprocessing - Analysis Report

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Automated Postprocessing - Analysis Report

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The analysis report file (analysis.prp) contains a description of the user inputs and also contains all the results generated by the automatic postprocessing and any custom postprocessing that may have been specified for the analysis. The report file is in rich-text format and contains embedded tables and graphs.

The file is made up of data tables followed by plots. The data in the tables comprises a summary of your inputs followed by selected results. All of the information here is the same as in the tabular output file, and so is not discussed further.

Following the tabular output, specific results from individual stages are presented in plot form. Results from both automatic and custom postprocessing are presented at this point. Note that these graphs are produced in ‘report-ready’ format – you can simply copy and paste the graphs from the analysis report file into other documents. These plots can also be viewed in the Plotting module using the Open Plot Files button on the Results tab of the Analysis component.

Automated postprocessing produces snapshot plots of the following parameters for a static analysis:

1.Structure Snapshot

2.Vertical Motion

3.Horizontal-Y Motion

4.Axial Stress/Strain

5.Bending Stress/Strain

6.Von Mises Stress/Strain

7.Hoop Stress/Strain

8.Effective Tension

9.Local Y-Moment

10.Local Z-Moment

11.Resultant Moment

Statistical envelope plots of Parameters 2–9 are produced for a dynamic analysis.