V3.4 Release Highlights - Improved Postprocessing

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V3.4 Release Highlights - Improved Postprocessing

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Stress outputs can be provided for pipe sections associated with nonlinear materials defined with Moment/Curvature and Ramberg-Osgood relationships. The stresses are obtained by scaling the relevant strains with the Young's modulus. This is a conservative approach, but at least the corresponding stresses will no longer be displayed as zero in the Tabular Output or in the Plotting Module.

For the more complex modelling options, the labels listed under the Pipe Location heading in the Tabular Output file are now indicative of the latest interaction between supports and the pipe. Instead of listing all nodes that may come in contact with a support, only the nodes in contact with the support are listed accordingly.



The criteria output in the Summary Report file shows the component iterated on and the associated numerical values. The initial and final values provide valuable insight into how PipeLay has optimised the installation model to achieve the user's criteria.