New PipeLay Features

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New PipeLay Features

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Wood Group is proud to announce the release of PipeLay Version 3.5.1. This new version provides an improved licensing model, an enhanced Analysis component and a native 64 bit user interface.

The Version 3.5.1 release is our update of PipeLay this year (2019).

The main feature highlights of the latest version are summarised as follows:

Improved Licensing Model

Introduction of a cloud-based licensing system, also known as "Licensing as a Service" (LaaS). This system offers additional flexibility to the PipeLay users by enabling ready to use licensing entitlements with less set-up overheads compared to traditional dongles.

Introduction of PipeLay cloud workloads. This system enables PipeLay users to tap into the power cloud computing, thus improving their productivity and reducing capital and operational expenditure. Contact us for a quote.

Native 64 bit User Interface

Enhanced Analysis Component

PipeLay solution robustness has been augmented by the introduction of the Generalised Alpha method.

Vessel and Stinger Radii of Curvature can be better controlled through the Parameters tab on the Analysis component.

Improvements to the import of Installation Stages, Parameters and Criteria data.

Improvements to the Pipe Section Stabilizer