V3.4 Release Notes

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V3.4 Release Notes

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Wood Group is proud to announce the release of PipeLay Version 3.4.1. This new version provides an enhanced Analysis component, improved postprocessing, additional scripting options & examples and general user interface improvements.

The Version 3.4.1 release is our update of PipeLay this year (2017).

The main feature highlights of the latest version are summarised as follows:

Enhanced Analysis Component

PipeLay now reduces run-time further by allowing installation stages to be executed in parallel.

Component selective damping allows you to assign unique damping coefficients to any Line, Pipe Section and Cable Components.

Variation of Vessel and Stinger Radii of Curvature can be controlled through the Parameters tab on the Analysis component.

Faster editing of Installation Stages, Parameters and Criteria data can be performed using the Export/Import functionality on these tabs.

Automatic resizing of the Analysis component to fit window size.

Improved Postprocessing

Stress outputs can be provided for pipe sections associated with nonlinear materials defined with Moment/Curvature and Ramberg-Osgood relationships.

For the more complex modelling options, the labels listed under the Pipe Location heading in the Tabular Output file are now indicative of the latest interaction between supports and the pipe.

The criteria output in the Summary Output file shows the component iterated on and the associated numerical values.

Additional Scripting Options & Examples

Command line options to export and import PipeLay project files to/from XML/text files.

Enhancement of Example 15 Python script to demonstrate automated parametrization and execution of PipeLay project files.

New Python script application included with Example 3 to allow collation of plots across multiple stages.

General User Interface Improvements

Tapered Stress Joints can reference materials whose shear modulus has not been defined.

The Help Website and PipeLay Examples can be launched from the UI.

The Auto Recovery process has been improved when used with Save As... and New commands from the PipeLay Menu.