V3.4 Release Highlights - General User Interface Improvements

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V3.4 Release Highlights - General User Interface Improvements

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Tapered Stress Joints can reference materials whose shear modulus has not been defined. In other words, the specification of Shear Modulus (G) on the Material component is optional and, if omitted, is computed internally by PipeLay using the following relationship:


where E is Young’s Modulus and ν is Poisson’s Ratio.

The Help Website and PipeLay Examples can be launched from the user interface by using the corresponding drop-downs on the Home ribbon.



The Auto Recovery process has been improved when used with Save As... and New commands from the PipeLay Menu. Essentially, the auto recovery file is now deleted, when these commands are executed. As a result, there will no longer be unexpected auto recovery files left on your system.