V3.4 Release Highlights - Additional Scripting Options & Examples

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V3.4 Release Highlights - Additional Scripting Options & Examples

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Command line options to export and import PipeLay project files to/from XML/text files. These commands can be used in combination with the other PipeLay command line options to fully automate large analysis runs using external scripting languages such as Python.

Enhancement of Example 15 Python script to demonstrate automated parametrization and execution of PipeLay project files. Using the script, an exported XML file of the example can be parsed and modified as required to generate new model configurations so as to facilitate easy automation of sensitivity analyses.

New Python script application included with Example 3 to allow collation of plots across multiple stages. The script application, when executed, launches a small UI as shown below. This allows the user to browse to a folder containing the installation stage results folders of interest, enter a plot number to view, select the plot type and enter the number of stages over which you require to view the plot. Upon clicking the Generate Plots button the PipeLay Plotting module is then launched showing the specified plots across all stages.