Plotting Module - Copying & Printing

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Plotting Module - Copying & Printing

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The Plotting module supports standard Windows™ copying and printing operations. You can copy graphs from the Plotting module and paste them into other applications, and you can print plots directly from the Plotting module to a printer.



To copy the current page from the Plotting module to the Windows™ Clipboard, use either the Edit – Copy menu command or type Ctrl+C. You can then switch to another application and paste the copied graph into it. This is a convenient way of incorporating PipeLay plots into presentations and reports.

Copied pages look essentially the same as they are displayed in the Plotting module - the layout, aspect ratios, sizing, fonts and display settings are all identical. There are only two differences between the way pages are displayed and their copies: (1) the copies do not include the graph indicator; and (2) they have a border around them to improve their presentation.



There are two ways to print pages from the Plotting module: you can either print the currently displayed page, or you can print all selected files.

To print the currently displayed page, select the File – Print menu command or press the toolbar button. Note that you can use the File – Print Setup menu command to adjust the printer settings, and you can use the File – Print Preview command to preview the page. Both of these are standard Windows facilities.

Rather than printing one page at a time, you can select a set of plot files and print them all using the Select Plot Files dialog. This procedure involves three simple steps:

1.Set up the printer using the File – Print Setup command if required

2.Using the File – Open command, open the Select Plot Files dialog box and select the list of files that you wish to print

3.Press the Print All button, which is located on the right side of the Select Plot Files dialog, to print the selected files.