Additional Modules

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Additional Modules

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The options available in PipeLay to open and view the main output files produced by the program are outlined in the following articles:

'Viewer'  which is automatically invoked by clicking on report files such as the analysis report file or the summary postprocessing file. Viewer has options and capabilities for editing, searching and printing.

'Plotting Module' which is used to display and print PipeLay plots. It is user-friendly, enabling high quality plots to be prepared quickly and easily, and is highly flexible to give you extensive control over the presentation of results.

'Dynamic Display Module' which is a sophisticated facility for viewing animations of your analyses. Major features of the Dynamic Display module include support for multiple animation view windows, display of wave profiles and sophisticated controls for panning and rotating animation views, including keyboard controls.

'RAO Checking Module' which is a graphical tool for validating RAOs quickly.