Introduction & Example Files

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Introduction & Example Files

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This example is simplified in PipeLay Starter Edition where there is no pipe in pipe modelling available. If you are using Starter Edition then you should ignore certain aspects of these articles, in particular parts of the ‘Results’ section.


Example 13 simulates the installation of a pipe-in-pipe line. The S-Lay model includes a lay vessel equipped with an S-Lay stinger fitted with V-shaped roller boxes. A pipeline runs along a set of vessel supports before passing over the stinger and down onto the seabed. The pipeline is restrained on the vessel deck by a tensioner. Both the outer and inner pipes are modelled explicitly – the analytical model simulates interaction in terms of centralisers, bulkheads and gaps. A static analysis and a regular wave dynamic analysis are included in the example. The figure below illustrates the static configuration.

Static Configuration

Static Configuration


Example Files

The input files for this example may be found in the directory ‘Example 13 – Pipe-in-Pipe’, which is located in the Examples subdirectory of your PipeLay installation directory. The files are as follows:        

Example 13 – Pipe-in-Pipe.ppd

PipeLay project file

Lay Vessel.rao

Vessel RAO file

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