Batch Analysis Data Inputs

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Batch Analysis Data Inputs

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Analysis Name:

Use this drop-down list to select the Analysis component that you wish to add to the batch analysis list. The drop-down contains all Analysis components that are already defined in the project.

Add Analysis:

Click on this button to add the Analysis component that is currently selected from the Analysis Name drop-down list to the batch list. The analysis component to be added is inserted into the list above the currently selected component.

Remove Analysis:

Click on this button to remove the currently selected Analysis component from the batch list.

These buttons allow you to move the currently selected Analysis component up or down through the batch list.


(a)The Analysis component at the top of the batch list will be the first analysis to start and so on, from top to bottom. PipeLay will run a number of analyses concurrently and the number of concurrent analyses will be controlled by the Concurrent Analysis Runs input on the Options dialog of the Home tab. Note that the optimum number of analyses to run concurrently depends on the number of processors your PipeLay license is allow to use (typically 8) and also your machine spec with the optimum number of concurrent runs typically less than the number of processors on the machine.