V3.3 Highlights - New Post-processing Outputs

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V3.3 Highlights - New Post-processing Outputs

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Span Lengths and Heights are calculated as part of Tabular Output post-processing. The calculated values are displayed in their respective columns of the Tabular Output file and are particularly beneficial for arbitrary seabed profiles. The span length values measure the distance between one contact point to the next and also capture the spans between supports as well as the sagbend span. Span heights measure the vertical distance between the pipe contact surface and the seabed surface.



Time-trace plots for Velocity and Acceleration of Support Separations can be requested via Custom Post-processing. These plots show the first and second derivatives of the local separation motions over selected supports. A typical application for these plots is the assessment of tensioner pay out/in velocities and accelerations. The plots can be requested for each local support degree of freedom.