V3.3 Highlights - General User Interface Enhancements

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V3.3 Highlights - General User Interface Enhancements

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Installation stage data on the Analysis component can be easily accessed by using a “Go to Tab” Function after right-clicking on a particular stage entry in a list. This allows for jumping quickly between the various Analysis component tabs where stage data is stored. After you decide which tab to go to the user interface will open the tab and highlight the inputs for the corresponding stage of interest. This avoids you having to repeatedly scroll lists to find stages of interest.



Tool tips are provided for column entries on 2D spreadsheet dialogs. These tips echo entry values in their full length regardless of the column width, which can sometimes be truncated on congested dialogs.



Automatic re-sizing of the Stack Up tab on the Line component to ensure the Stack Up table view is displayed optimally. This is beneficial for wide screens as it will maximise the number of columns displayed on the Stack Up table.