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Retrieve a value from the database based on the selection criteria. This function enables the user to vary the data being displayed by varying any of the inputs including the parameter type.


PLGetValue( DatabaseName, TimeIndex, ParameterType, ItemIndex, DOFNo )


DatabaseName (Character String)

The full path and filename to the relevant database. The file extension is optional.

TimeIndex (Integer)

The relevant time index, from 1 to the number of solutions in the database.

ParameterType (Integer)

The type of parameter to retrieve data for. See Parameter Types for a complete list.

ItemIndex (Integer)

The index of the item to retrieve the data for. This is dependent on the parameter type.

DOFNo (Integer)

The DOFNo varies for parameter types and may refer to a local node depending on the data being requested.


A numerical value containing the requested force value for the specified parameters or one of the following error codes:


Invalid Database.


Invalid Parameter Type.


Invalid Time Index.


No Data Available.


Item Index is out of range.


Specified Degree of Freedom/Local Node is out of range.


General Read Error.


Error Codes

Parameter Types


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