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Retrieves both the maximum and minimum values necessary to create an envelope plot. For Bending Stress, the minimum value is different than that returned by PLGetMininmumValue as it is calculated differently. (Bending Stress returns the maximum value always so the PLGetMinimumValue returns the minimum of that Maximum value)

Note: Adding this formula to Excel is also different. First, highlight 2 adjacent cells on the same row, such as columns A and B on row 1. Enter the formula as desired but instead of just pressing ENTER, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. The formula will them be shown with curly braces around it when the cell is highlighted and 2 values will be returned from the function.


PLGetEnvelopeData( DatabaseName, StartTimeIndex, EndTimeIndex, ParameterType, ItemIndex, DOFNo )


DatabaseName (Character String)

The full path and filename to the relevant database. The file extension is optional.

StartTimeIndex (Integer)

The start time index, from 1 to the number of solutions in the database.

EndTimeIndex (Integer)

The end time index, from 1 to the number of solutions in the database. This should be a number higher than StartTimeIndex.

ParameterType (Integer)

The type of parameter to retrieve data for. See Parameter Types for a complete list.

ItemIndex (Integer)

The index of the required item. This is parameter dependent e.g. for kinematic parameters, this is a node number.

DOFNo (Integer)

The DOF or Local node number. This is parameter dependent so the ranges should correspond to what is valid for the parameter.


A pair of numbers, or the first number if entered as a normal formula, containing the maximum and minimum values for the specified parameters or one of the following error codes:


Invalid Database.


Invalid Parameter Number.


Invalid Time Index. This may be either the start or end time.


No Data Available.


Item Index is out of range.


Local Node Number or DOF is out of range.


General Read Error.


Error Codes










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