Installation - Troubleshooting Your Installation

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Installation - Troubleshooting Your Installation

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This section outlines solutions to some of the possible problems you might encounter when installing PipeLay.

Q:        The HASP device driver installation on Windows™. The error reported is “User has no access to the Database Registry”.

A:        Installing the HASP device drivers may require Administrator access. Please log on as Administrator before installing PipeLay.

Q:        PipeLay starts after installation but reports that the dongle is not attached.

A:        Ensure that the HASP device drivers are correctly installed. The latest version of the HASP device drivers may be downloaded directly from SafeNet Inc. (

Q:        The dongle is correctly attached to the machine, the HASP drivers have installed successfully, but PipeLay still does not detect it.

A:        Run the HASPDIAG utility found in the “Extras\Dongle” subdirectory on the PipeLay Installation CD-ROM. If the problem is not clearly identifiable in HASPDIAG, please save the HASPDIAG report and contact Wood Group.

Q:        PipeLay reports that it cannot find a licence file the first time it is run.

A:        This is normal behaviour. Please refer to the section ‘Running PipeLay’.

If you experience difficulties with installing PipeLay that are not covered in this section, please contact Wood Group at for help.