GUI - Creating & Managing Components

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GUI - Creating & Managing Components

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PipeLay allows you extensive control over the structure of your project, and the organisation of the components that make up your project. Folders, subfolders and components may all be created, renamed, deleted, or copied within and between projects. The following sections describe how to perform each of these operations.


Creating Components

Components can be created in the project folder currently selected in the project sidebar. There are two ways to create a component which are outlined as follows:

Click on the Insert tab and select the required component type from the available sub-categories.

Right-click on a folder or component in the Project Sidebar, select New from the Project Sidebar context menu, and select the required component type from the available submenus.


Drag and Drop

PipeLay supports standard drag and drop operations. Selecting and dragging a component in the Project Sidebar can move it between folders. Dragging with the shift key held down causes a copy of the component to be created. If you drag a component over the Project Component then it will be moved to the root folder of the Project Sidebar.

Components can also be dragged between two running copies of PipeLay. This method can be used to copy components from one project to another.


Cut and Paste

Standard Cut, Copy and Paste operations for components are available from the Home tab and from the Project Sidebar context menu. If necessary, PipeLay will automatically rename copied components to avoid duplication of component names. In this case, a message stating that one or more components have been renamed will be displayed in the Status Area. Pasting a component or folder directly after copying it places the new instances immediately below the copied one. As with drag and drop, components can be copied within the same project or between projects.

Note that if you wish to select a number of different components for cutting/copying at the same time then you should click on the relevant folder in the Project Sidebar and select the necessary components in the Component Area while holding down the Ctrl key.


Creating Subfolders

Components can be organised in an arbitrary arrangement of folders and sub-folders, as desired. To create a subfolder of the project folder currently selected in the Project Sidebar, simply choose Folder from the Insert tab or select New | Folder from the Project Sidebar context menu.


Deleting Components

Components that are no longer required may be deleted and removed from the project. Select the component you wish to delete in the Project Sidebar and choose Delete from the Home tab or simply press the Delete key on your keyboard. Components can also be deleted by selecting Delete from the Project Sidebar context menu.


Renaming Components

Components can be renamed in the Project Sidebar by choosing Rename from either the Home tab or from the context menu or alternatively by pressing F2 when the component is highlighted. Type in the new name and press Enter to confirm it. You can also rename components by clicking on an already-selected component in the Project Sidebar. Again, type in the new name and press Enter to confirm it.

Note that if a lower level component is referenced by a higher level component, renaming the lower level component does not break this reference.