Introduction & Example Files

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Introduction & Example Files

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This example is simplified in PipeLay Starter Edition where there is no pipe payout option available. If you are using Starter Edition then you should ignore certain aspects of these articles, in particular parts of the ‘Results’ section.


Example 14 simulates an SCR initiation scenario. The initial model consists of a pipeline hanging between an installation vessel and a floating production unit (FPU). Two static analyses are performed – the first to determine the initial static configuration and the second to perform the SCR initiation. Initiation is performed by deploying pipe from the FPU, offsetting the installation vessel and reducing the wire length. The two figures below illustrate the SCR initiation process. The first figure shows the initial configuration while the second shows the final configuration.

Note: This example is unique in that pipeline is actually paid out while the analysis is progressing. Previous examples (e.g. Abandonment, Recovery etc.) were analysed as a series of static installation stages where a different length of pipeline was modelled in each stage. In the case of this example, pipeline payout is simulated in a single stage, by adding new elements to the finite element model at successive solution time increments.

Initial Configuration

Initial Configuration

Final Configuration

Final Configuration


Example Files

The input files for this example may be found in the directory ‘Example 14 – SCR Installation’, which is located in the Examples subdirectory of your PipeLay installation directory. The files are as follows:

Example 14 – SCR Initiation.ppd

PipeLay project file


Vessel profile file

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