Technical References

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Technical References

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PipeLay is regularly used for advanced studies of the particularly challenging aspects associated with pipeline installation. Below are some sample papers covering such studies.

Rollerbed Contact Modelling

Rio Pipeline 2005, “Advances in Contact Modelling for Simulation of Deepwater Pipeline Installation”

Pipe-In-Pipe Flowline Installation

OTC 2008, “Advancements in Response Prediction Methods for Deep Water Pipe-Pipe Flowline Installation”

S-Lay Fatigue Analysis

Rio Pipelines 2009, “A Novel Approach to Pipeline Tensioner Modelling”

FloatTech 2009, “Fatigue Analysis of Staged Pipelay Operations”

PLET Installation

ASME IOPF 2010, “An Improved Approach to Modelling In-Line Structure Installation”

Ultra-Deep Water

Journal of Ocean Engineering 2013, “Localised Assessment of Pipeline Integrity during Ultra-Deep S-Lay Installation”

Concrete Coated Pipelines

OPT Asia 2015, “The Effect of Concrete Coating Stiffness on Global Pipeline Response during Installation”

Installation Design Practice

Chapter 19 of Oil and Gas Pipelines Integrity and Safety Handbook: Edited by R. Winston Revie, Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., “The Effect of Installation on Offshore Pipeline Integrity”