Installation - Installing Excel Add-In

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Installation - Installing Excel Add-In

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PipeLay Version 3.4.1 comes with a Microsoft® Excel Add-in which will enable you to access PipeLay database files to post-process analysis results directly in Excel. Templates are provided to enable you to replicate the PipeLay analysis post-processing plots. In addition to this, you can vary these results without the need to re-define and re-run the PipeLay post-processing. The add-in comes in a 32 or 64 bit version to be installed based on your Excel version. To determine whether your Excel is 32 or 64 bit, open Excel, select the File tab and select Help. The Version information will indicate whether it is 32 or 64 bit as shown in the figure below. Note that the version of Excel may not be the same as the version of your operating system.

Excel Version Information

Excel Version Information


To install the add-in perform the following steps:

1.Open the PipeLay Excel Add-in CD Master and select either the Install x64 or Install x86 directory based on your Excel version.

2.Launch the PipeLay Excel Add-in Wizard by double clicking the setup.exe executable.

3. On the Setup Wizard you will see two buttons on the right hand side:

a.Visual Studio Tools for Office

b.Excel Update for Office 2007

4.These buttons will either state Install or Installed (or N/A for Office 2007) depending on whether the applications in question are already present on your PC. Note that for the Installed case the button will be disabled thus preventing any unnecessary reinstallation.

5.You must click on each button labelled Install as the installation of the associated applications is compulsory.

6.Once all buttons state Installed you can click on Next to progress to the installation of the actual PipeLay Excel Add-in files.

Once you follow the Excel Add-in Wizard prompts to completion the PipeLay Excel Add-in will be available to use on an additional PipeLay tab on the Excel ribbon.

Another user accessing the PC other than the person who installed the Excel Add-in will have to manually add the add-in to Excel. To do this you need to perform the following steps:

1.Open Excel and select the File tab and click on Options.

2.Click on the Add-Ins category.

3.At the bottom of the Excel Options window, select Manage: Excel Add-Ins and click Go.

4.Click the Automation button on the Add-Ins window.

5.Scroll down the list until you find Pipelay.DatabaseAccess and select it. Click OK

6.Ensure that Pipelay.DatabaseAccess is checked in the Add-ins window as shown in the figure below and click OK

The Excel Add-in should now be available for use.

Excel Add-in Window - Pipelay.DatabaseAccess Checked

Excel Add-in Window - Pipelay.DatabaseAccess Checked

A series of six templates are provided for extracting common results to allow you to become familiar with the tool. These are available on the PipeLay tab on the top ribbon. Comprehensive help and function reference is also available on this tab.