Introduction & Example Files

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Introduction & Example Files

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Example 8 simulates an as-laid span scenario. It considers a pipeline lying on a seabed with an arbitrary topography. The pipeline is flooded with seawater. Both ends of the pipeline are pinned to the seabed, with one end adjusted to satisfy various tension criteria at the seabed connection point over the course of three installation stages. Multiple static analyses are performed in order to examine the stresses in the as-laid configuration lying on the arbitrary seabed for each tension criteria.The figure below illustrates the initial static configuration of the pipeline on the seabed.

Initial Static Configuration

Initial Static Configuration


Example Files

The input files for this example may be found in the directory ‘Example 08 – As-Laid Span’, which is located in the Examples subdirectory of your PipeLay installation directory. The input files are as follows:

Example 8 – As-Laid Span.ppd

PipeLay project file


Arbitrary seabed file

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